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  • mercredi 5 décembre 2012

    Little news for TD09 !

    Today in Japan, there was the awaited NicoNico Live, where many informations were revealed ! Such as the previous articles and the following ones !

    Aujourd'hui au Japon, nous avons eu droit au NicoNico Live, où de nombreuses informations nous sont apparues ! Tels que les articles précédents et ceux à venir !

    For now, the Trial Deck 09 : Eraser of the Empire's boss Unit just has showed us its skill !

    Pour l'heure, le boss du Trial Deck 09 : Eraser of the Empire vient de nous montrer son effet !

    抹消者 ボーイングソード・ドラゴン The Eraser, Being Sword Dragon
    Grade 3/Narukami/11000 Power/No Shield
    Auto (VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four damage or more): When you Ride on this Unit, target 1 of your opponent's front row Rearguards, retire it, target 1 of your Vanguards, during this turn it gains 10000 Power.
    Auto (VC): When this Unit Attacks, if your opponent has 3 or more cards in their Damage Zone, this Unit gains 3000 Power.
    Continuous (VC/RC) Leader (This unit cannot attack if there's a unit that does not share the same clan as this unit.)

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