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  • mercredi 5 décembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 05/12/2012

    夢見る賢者 コロン Dreaming Sage, Koron
    Grade 0/Gold Paladin - Human/5000 Power/10000 Shield
    AUTO: Pioneer (When another unit from the same clan rides this unit, you may call it to (RC))
    Activate [R]: [Counterblast (1), move this unit to Soul] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and add up to 1 "Ezel" unit to your hand, then, shuffle the deck.

    "A young boy dreams. Of a world where there is no conflict, and everyone can learn without fear."

    一人前の賢者を目指して勉学に励んでいた少年。 歴史上の時の賢者「ゼノン」や、英雄の側近である賢者の少年に強い憧れを抱いている。 また、人一倍正義感が強く、街が謎の敵に襲撃された時、自ら囮となって住人達を避難させている。 その逃走の果てに敵に追いつめられ、絶体絶命の危機に陥ったが、間一髪のところで赤獅子団の手により救出された。 少年は若き獅子の背に、かつて国を救った英雄の姿と眩い光を見た。 そして、未来の賢者は立ち上がる。 争いの無い平和な世界を夢見て、今はただ眼前の光を追い続ける。

    A young boy who studies hard to become a full-fledged sage. He holds a strong admiration for the boy-ish but legendary sage "Zenon", who has been the right hand of countless heroes. Also, he possesses an abnormally strong sense of justice, which was shown when he acted as a decoy for evacuating inhabitants of a city when it was attacked by the mysterious enemy. At the end of his escape, he was cornered by the enemy, and in that desperate situation, he was rescued at the hands of the Red Lion Corps. From behind the young lion, the young boy saw a dazzling light appear, and from it, the form of the hero who one saved United Sanctuary. And in response, the future sage stood up. Dreaming of a peaceful world without war or conflict, he now walks forward, chasing the light of that future in front of his eyes.

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