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  • jeudi 6 décembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 06/12/2012

    蒼嵐覇竜 グローリー・メイルストローム Blue Storm Conquering Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
    Grade 3/Aqua Force - Tear Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
    AUTO (VC) Limit Break 5 (This ability is active if you have five damage or more): (Counterblast (1) : When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, during that battle, this unit gains +5000 Power, and your opponent cannot normal call Grade 1 and above unit from hand onto the Guardian Circle.
    Continuous (VC): If your Soul has "Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom", this unit gains +2000.
    Continuous (VC/RC) Leader (This unit cannot attack if there's a unit that does not share the same clan as this unit.)

    "This is your final judgment! Terminal Maelstrom!"
    "The blue storm that once ruled the entire world, now, will reign supreme once more!"

    封印されている海軍元帥の意志より力の一端を授かった事で、驚異的な力を得たメイルストロームの姿。 その超大な力故に古より強力な封印を施されている元帥。 その異常なまでの正義への執着は「力」いう形を取り、現海軍最強と謳われる蒼嵐竜に更なる力を与えた。 だが、与えられたのは力のみでは無かった。 古の覇王の力を得ると同時に、かつて元帥が抱いていた「惑星全土の統一」という野望に心を支配されてしまったのである。 統一の妨げとなるであろう英雄の復活を阻止する為、覇竜は獅子の前に立ちはだかる。
    「我こそは正義! 秩序の創造主! 愚者を裁く全知の守護者也!」

    This is the form of Maelstrom after gaining incredible power, but the power given to him was merely a fraction of the power and will of Aqua Force's sealed Fleet Admiral. The Admiral had his powers locked away under a great seal since ancient times, due to how incredibly powerful it was. The reason why was that their fanatical and absolute denotation to justice manifested itself as "Power", and he in turn gave that "Power" to the Blue Storm Dragon, who became even stronger, leading what is now touted as the most powerful navy on the entire planet. However, power wasn't the only thing the Admiral gave. At the same time Maelstrom obtained the power of the ancient tyrant and conqueror, his heart and soul were dominated by the ambition the Admiral once embraced: "Unifying All of Cray under one banner". In order to stop the revival of the heroes who would hinder that unity, this conquering dragon decided to stand in the way of the "Lion".
    "I am Justice itself! The Creator of Order! I will be the Omniscient Guardian of this world who judges you naive fools!"

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