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  • lundi 17 décembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 17/12/2012

    ダストプラズマ・ドラゴン Dustplasma Dragon
    Grade 2/Narukami - Thunder Dragon/9000 Power/5000 Shield
    AUTO [RC]: When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Vermillion" in it's name, this unit gets [Power] +3000 until end of battle.

    "Running along side the Vermilion flash, Light-speed Lightning Claw!"

    長大な雷の柱から誕生したと伝えられる朱の雷竜。 主以外の者には決して寄り付かない。 常時全身から雷の粒子を放出しており、耐性の無い者が近づけば瞬き一つする間も無く炭化してしまう。 朱竜は常にその主と数奇な運命で繋がれており、時を同じくして何処かの地で誕生した主を本能のままに探し求め、見つけ出した途端に襲い掛かかる。 そして主が自身を下せば生涯傍に仕え、倒れれば自らも後を追うという。 当代の朱竜の主は雷を束ねる紅の龍皇。 帝国に唾する愚かな輩に下るのは天罰では無く、血のように赤い稲妻である。

    A scarlet red Thunder Dragon who is said to have been born from a long bolt of lightning. Those other than his master are incapable of approaching him. Particles of lightning emit from his entire body regularly, and anyone who dares approach that he doesn't tolerate is instantly carbonized. This scarlet Dragon is always connected to its master by some strange fate, and instinctively seeks out its master, who is born somewhere else at the same time, and pounces them upon finding them. This dragon serves its master, even at the cost of its own life, and is said to continue following its master, even if it collapses or dies. The current Dustplasma Dragon's master is the Vermilion Dragon Emperor who rules over thunder and lightning. Their blood-red lightning is heaven's fury to fools and idiots who dare spit at the empire.

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