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  • jeudi 20 décembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 20/12/2012

    十字撃ち ガープ Cross Shot, Garp
    Grade 2/Kagero - Human/10000 Power/5000 Shield

    Hang in there! I'm firing everything I've got!

    一時的に帝国に籍を置いている謎の傭兵。 凄まじい威力を誇るが反動で自らの骨すら砕くと言われる双銃「スカル・ブレイカー」を何故か容易く使いこなす。 背の翼に見える武装は双銃のマガジンであり、現在の帝国の技術力では解析できないエネルギー体が仕込まれているという。 本人は人間だと吹聴しているが、人間離れした実力、解析不能の武装など謎の多い青年だが、著しく弱体化している今の“かげろう”を存続させるには、英雄の力に縋る事の無い彼の様な存在が必要不可欠なのである。

    A mysterious mercenary who temporarily worked for the Empire. He is said to be able twin guns "Skull Breaker" due to his tremendous strength, but it's said that even his bones snap and break from the sheer recoil. The magazines of the twin guns have a striking resemblance to spines, and it's said that some sort of energy life-form is incorporated into it, using technology that is beyond the technical limits of the current empire. He insists he is an human, but he is a mysterious young man with weapons no one can analyze and armed with god-like skills, but in order to make sure "Kagero" can survive despite being significantly crippled, people like him are essential since they can no longer rely on the power of the legendary hero.

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