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  • jeudi 15 novembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 15/11/2012

    バトルシスター まかろん Battle Sister, Macaron
    Grade 2/Oracle Think Tank - Elf/9000 Power/5000 Shield
    [AUTO](RC):When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Battle Sister" in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

    "It's written 本気 (The Real Deal), but it's pronounced Macaron!!"

    戦闘教団に所属する生え抜きのエージェント、「バトルシスターズ」のメンバー。 射程を犠牲にした分、驚異的な威力を誇るパイルバンカーを使う陽気な壊し屋。 幼い見た目に反してかなり古参のメンバーで、相当な場数を踏んでいる。 本人は自分の事を「知的で仕事もできる才女!」と豪語しているが、戦闘技術に関してはともかく頭の方はいまいちとは同僚の言。 腕は確かだが周囲へ与える被害も毎回甚大であり、「じんじゃー」と並んでリーダーの頭を悩ませる原因になっているらしい。

    A member of "Battle Sisters", a fighting religious order consisting of Sanctuary-born agents. She's a destructive lady who cheerfully uses extremely powerful Pile Bunkers that sacrifice range for raw power. Despite her childish looks, she's a senior member with loads of experience. She tends to boast about herself that she's a "Talented woman who is totes good at this egghead stuff", but word is among her colleagues that outside of fighting, she isn't very bright at all. While she's completely reliable, she amasses huge amounts of collateral damage, to the point she's a major cause of concern to the leaders on levels only "Ginger" can equal.

    オラクルシンクタンクが罪人や悪徳企業の捕縛・抹消を目的として秘密裏に設立した戦闘教団「サンクチュアリ・ガーディアン」のエージェント部隊。 表向きは「教会」の所属となっているので普段は修道女の恰好をしている。 隊員全てが卓越した戦闘術・魔術の使い手だが、表沙汰に出来ない事情で配属されている場合が多い為か、癖の強い人物が非常に多い。

    The Battle Sisters are...
    An Agency that belongs to the fighting religious order "Sanctuary Guardians", they handle elimination and arrests as the Crime and Vice Division of Oracle Think Tank . They insist on dressing like nuns since they are members of the Church. All their members are experts in magic and combat techniques, though it's not sure because they are involved in many situations that are kept out of the public eye, or because they consist of many strong woman with quirky and rather bizarre personalities.

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