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  • jeudi 29 novembre 2012

    Cards of the Days! 28/11/2012 & 29/11/2012

    Sorry for the waiting guys, I was very busy with my homework lately ^^

    バトルシスター てぃらみす Battle Sister, Tiramisu
    Grade 0/Oracle Think Tank - Elf/5000 Power/5000 Shield
    Draw Trigger

    "The sacred bullet shatters all sin."

    戦闘教団に所属する生え抜きのエージェント、「バトルシスターズ」のメンバー。 巨大な超光子ライフルを扱う凄腕のスナイパー。 「狙った獲物は外さない」と豪語しているだけあって、狙撃の腕だけはメンバー中トップクラス。 軽い言動が目立つお調子者だが、言い換えればフレンドリーで仲間想いという事でもあり、仕事では常にチームが円滑に動けるように考えて行動している。 彼女が放つのは罪を打ち抜く聖なる弾丸。 警告の一撃を受けて悔い改める者は救われるが、警告を無視した者に訪れるのは……。

    A member of "Battle Sisters", a fighting religious order consisting of Sanctuary-born agents. She's a crackshot sniper who uses a gigantic super photon rifle. Constantly boasting "My target never gets away", among the top classed members, she's the only one proficient in sniping. But, she's a showy girl who gets carried away and loves flattery and praise, so in otherwords, her friends say she's really friendly, but this also lets her keep control and do her job in ways that best benefit the team. She fires holy bullets at those who have commited sins and crimes. She gives the sinner a single warning shot, so they can reform themselves and save their souls, but they ignore her warning, she's sure to give them a visit.

    オラクルシンクタンクが罪人や悪徳企業の捕縛・抹消を目的として秘密裏に設立した戦闘教団「サンクチュアリ・ガーディアン」のエージェント部隊。 表向きは「教会」の所属となっているので普段は修道女の恰好をしている。 隊員全てが卓越した戦闘術・魔術の使い手だが、表沙汰に出来ない事情で配属されている場合が多い為か、癖の強い人物が非常に多い。

    The Battle Sisters are...
    An Agency that belongs to the fighting religious order "Sanctuary Guardians", they handle elimination and arrests as the Crime and Vice Division of Oracle Think Tank . They insist on dressing like nuns since they are members of the Church. All their members are experts in magic and combat techniques, though it's not sure because they are involved in many situations that are kept out of the public eye, or because they consist of many strong woman with quirky and rather bizarre personalities.


    天狼武神 ダイケンゴウ Martial Arts Sirius, Daikengou
    Grade 3/Gold Paladin - Battleroid/10000 Power/No Shield
    [AUTO](VC):[Choose a «Gold Paladin» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+6000 until end of that battle.
    [AUTO](RC):[Choose a «Gold Paladin» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

    “Growl and roar! Sirius Sword, Dragon Fang Slash!!”

    銀狼の鎧が眠っていた地で発見された超古代の機動兵器。 意志を持つ金属生命体であり、単体での自立稼働も可能だが、真の力を発揮するには選ばれし搭乗者が必要になる。 数千年以上前、聖域が竜の帝国に脅かされていた時、突如戦場に降り立ち、劣勢の騎士団に加勢したという。 以降はこの地で初めて言葉を交わした初代銀狼の戦士に付き従って戦い、主の没後は鎧と共にこの地で眠りについていた。 新たな主、大いなる銀狼の前に訪れた危機。 かつて聖域の平和を守る為に振るわれた武神の剣が、時を超えて再び牙を剥く。

    A super ancient mobile weapon which was discovered in the ruins where the Silver Wolf Armor was resting. It's a living mechanical entity with a will of its own, and capable of operating on its own, but its real power requires someone riding inside of it. Thousands of years ago, when United Sanctuary was threatened by Dragon Empire, it suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and aided the out-numbered Royal Paladins. After that, he followed and fought side by side with the first Silver Wolf warrior, as they journeyed the world, but when his master died, he fell asleep deep inside the earth, along with the armor. But now, his new master, the Great Silver Wolf, Garmore, was caught in a crisis. The god of war who once swung his sword to keep the peace of United Sanctuary, once again bares his fangs.

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