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  • lundi 12 novembre 2012

    Card of the Day! 12/11/2012

    Thanks to NeoArkadia for the card's lores ;)

    Battle Sister Waffle
    Grade 0/Oracle Think Tank - Elf/5000 Power/10000 Shield

    Auto: When another <<Oracle Think Tank>> unit rides on this unit, you may call this onto a Rearguard Circle.
    Activate [R]: [Counterblast (1), move this unit into Soul] Look at the top 3 cards of your deck and call up to one unit with "Battle Sister" in its name, then, shuffle the deck. During this turn, that unit gains +2000 Power.

    戦闘教団に所属する生え抜きのエージェント、「バトルシスターズ」のメンバー。 最年少、最小、戦闘経験も5年に満たない新米のエージェント。 服、帽子、はては髪の中まで至る所に小型拳銃を仕込んでいる。 物心ついた時から大人と同じ環境におかれた影響か、少し冷めた性格をしており、他者との交流を拒みがち。 だが、小動物のように愛らしい彼女を他のメンバーが放っておくはずもなく、毎回仕事が終わる度によってたかって猫の様に扱われるという。 本人は静かに読書に耽るのを望んでいるが……実はまんざらでもないのかも?

    A member of "Battle Sisters", a fighting religious order consisting of Sanctuary native-born agents. Even the youngest agents, bare minimum, need at least 5 years of training experience. She's got pistols everywhere: In her hair, under her wimple, and in her habit. Due to being in the same environment as adults for as long as she remembers, she has a cold personality, resulting in her being somewhat of a loner. However, the other members refuse to leave her alone due to her cute pet-like charm, and when they're not on the job, members will often treat her like a cat. While she says she wants to be left alone so she can read her books... ... is it possible she actually likes the fawning...?

    オラクルシンクタンクが罪人や悪徳企業の捕縛・抹消を目的として秘密裏に設立した戦闘教団「サンクチュアリ・ガーディアン」のエージェント部隊。 表向きは「教会」の所属となっているので普段は修道女の恰好をしている。 隊員全てが卓越した戦闘術・魔術の使い手だが、表沙汰に出来ない事情で配属されている場合が多い為か、癖の強い人物が非常に多い。

    The Battle Sisters are...
    An Agency that belongs to the fighting religious order "Sanctuary Guardians", they handle elimination and arrests as the Crime and Vice Division of Oracle Think Tank . They insist on dressing like nuns since they are members of the Church. All their members are experts in magic and combat techniques, though it's not sure because they are involved in many situations that are kept out of the public eye, or because they consist of many strong woman with quirky and rather bizarre personalities.

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